Carrot/Apple Juice

For your Tuesday we have Jay & Linda Kordich, authors of Live Foods, Live Bodies. Juicing!!! Juicing!!!! Time to get healthy..... make sure what you eat is healthy for you and your family. Jay and Linda Kordich give you tips on how to make carrot apple juice. This juice is good and healthy for you, don't believe us take a listen below.

Tune in below and listen to Jay and Linda Kordich discuss juicing.

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Jay’s Anti-Cancer Tonic
This tonic is based on Dr. Gerson’s simple but effective anti-cancer juice.

Servings: 2    100% Living

6 medium-sized carrots, trimmed
2 Golden Delicious apples, cored and quartered

1. Alternately juice the carrots and apples until all the ingredients are juiced.
2. Pour into individual glasses and serve.